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"My daughter is off her inhalers completely. She's been seeing Dr. Denny for 6 weeks. She just hit a triple on her softball team and swims 2x a week. Her quality of life is much improved. :)"

Cheri T.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you provided throughout my pregnancy. One of the greatest comforts throughout those difficult months was to know that I was cared for by such a wonderful chiropractor who was so invested in my pregnancy and cheered me on.

I will never forget everything that you did for me to help me carry Daniel to term. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Annemary T.

"I would recommend Dr. Denny to anyone and particularly to pregnant women. It will make a huge difference."

Camille L.

"I would highly recommend this office. One of the best that I have ever been too! The staff is always very friendly and gracious and the doctor is amazing. She always goes above and beyond."


"Looking back on the past year, I would be amiss if I did not send you a note of thanks! It was about a year ago that Caroline and I first met Dr. Vallone....and had we not trekked up to her office there in Tolland, and then subsequently met you at yours, I have no doubt that she and I, would not be in the same place we are right now. Although at some points it was a trying year, and took a lot of patience, along with two tongue-tie clippings and several months of therapy and hope, I was so glad when Caroline did finally learn to breastfeed, and has continued to very successfully. We are, I think, in some ways making up for lost time (because she really didn't get the hang of breastfeeding during the day until she was 4 months old, and then at night when she was 5 months old). Although she very much enjoys her solid foods, she also still very much continues to enjoy and want to breastfeed a couple of times a day, including once during the night. Nightly, as I am awakened and sit holding my little angel breastfeeding, I am reminded of the special gift it is for both of us, to have those moments, that bonding and attachment we have been able to experience, and how I have been able to get to know and understand her and her needs. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you, Dr. Vallone, and Dr O'Callahan. I hope your practice and your family are doing well."


"Dr. Denny is a very dedicated and skilled doctor. She has been treating my family since my son was 4 months old. Her care has helped correct my son's torticollis, and regular care not only helps his immune system but it also helps calm his sensory issues. There have been times where he's gone into her office a crying mess and left smiling and laughing! She helped me recover from years of imbalance caused by decades old car accident injuries. She cared for me during my pregnancy with my daughter and helped me stay pain free (and mostly sane!). Thanks to regular care, when my daughter flipped breech at about 30 weeks, Dr. Denny was able to convince her to flip back quickly. Dr. Denny's dedication and care helped me have the natural birth with my daughter that I dreamed of. And Dr. Denny has been adjusting my daughter since she was just a couple days old. I highly recommend coming to see Dr. Denny!"

Steph H.

"I'm a regular so Dr. Denny is very knowledgeable about the human anatomy. She has helped me with my gall bladder. Knows many formulas."

Gregory L.

"Dr Eileen is amazing!!!! I have had back problems for years and since coming to her practice I live without regular use of pain killers and she is super fun to be around too."

Jackie W.

"So incredible. She makes you so comfortable just with her conversation while she's working.i flew all the way from Georgia to get a treatment and advise from her."

Alba F.

"The best by far. I drive all the way from Trumbull because there is no one I trust more with my health and well being."

Gabriela R.

"I've been seeing Dr. Denny for years. She is fabulous. Can't wait to try the acupuncture!"

Kim O.

"Haven't felt this functional in a long time, glad to."

Anthony N.

"The best!"

Harvey F.

"Dr. Denny is an amazing Chiropractor! She is great with my kids too. I had little pain during and after my pregnancy because of her. Weekly adjustments keep me comfortable and flexible. Also the continued care decreased the amount of time I was in labor and delivery. Pregnant, nursing, kids, men and women should all visit Dr. Denny!"

Chelsa J.

"Dr. Denny is an incredible chiropractor. Her office staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of care."

Michael B.

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