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Sensory Integration


Sensational Kids--Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory processing is the way that the nervous system receives messages from the senses(seeing, touching, hearing,  smelling, tasting) and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioral responses.  There are 2 other senses, rarely known but extremely important: vestibular  and proprioceptive systems.

The vestibular system is physiologically located in the cerebellum (base of brain), upper cervical spine  (top of neck) and inner ear. The vestibular system is responsible for regulating  all incoming sensory information and is considered the most important sensory 

The proprioceptive system is located throughout the spine and joints of  the body. Disruption of this system may lead to problems with learning, motor  skills, behavior, and social / emotional development.

Sensory Processing Disorder  is a condition that exists when sensory signals don't get organized into appropriate responses. This can be very stressful for both the children and the families. It is quite often undiagnosed and many times parents are made to think that it their parenting fault versus a true condition that with care can improve.

At Denny Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we take a multifaceted approach to sensory processing disorder.

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