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Cranial Sacral  and Breastfeeding

 How do I know my baby needs care?

  • Breastfeeding is painful

  • Problems with latch

  • Baby won't take pacifier/spits it out

  • Issue coordinating suck/swallow/breathe cycles

  • Prolonged feeding times>20 min

  • Frequent feedings-baby always hungry

  • Lip/Tongue/Buccal Ties

  • Head Tilt/Torticollis

  • Clicking while feeding

  • Favors one breast

  • Suck blister

  • Fussiness/Colic

  • Baby seems uncomfortable

  • Nipple erosion

  Breastfeeding is an art                              As with any art

all the pieces must come together

          to form a masterpiece.  

  To breastfeed successfully, you need more

           than a breast and a hungry baby.  

Breastfeeding requires a delicate coordination of the cranial bones, nervous system, muscular and skeletal system.  


Dr. Eileen works to ensure that this coordination occurs, through specific and gentle care.

In addition to her board training, Dr. Eileen has had additional training in caring for the breastfeeding dyad.  Dr. Eileen has built collaborative relationships with local pediatricians, ENT's, dentists and lactation specialists to best address the needs of the breast feeding baby.

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