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I did a thing...

On St. Patrick's Day, my kids and I did a thing. We adopted a bull dog from Woodbridge animal control. This bulldog formerly Mary, now Clementine touched our hearts. She was used a breeder, had her ears docked and given a home C-section. When the infection set in post C-section, Clementine was dumped...from a moving truck in Woodbridge. An amazing woman found her and brought her to a friends house. This friend is a volunteer at the shelter. Many months of care and love and we were chosen to be her family. As a mom and someone who cares for moms, Clementine touched my heart. She also teaches a great lesson. Her life was not easy and she was abused, however, her spirit nor her gentleness was not broken. She is such a love and in many ways, an inspiration of not letting bad things define you. In the coming months, the office will be doing a fundraiser to help the shelter's non-profit. Until then, I am left with one question in regards to Clemmy...who rescued who?

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