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Yes I know your midwife and IBCLC and doula

Last week, I went to a birth workers event. It was like a reunion of old friends and a chance to make new ones. I have shared in caring for many mutual moms with these ladies. Several of whom, I cared for them or their babies. It was a great evening.

This event got me thinking about our community and how special and unique it is. Being a new mom is an exciting time, but filled with questions for many. You are faced with new decisions daily. Your brain is overflowing with to do lists and the fatigue of being a new parent, you always think that you are forgetting something. This makes appointments with care providers a challenge. So often, your most pressing questions sneaks out of your brain while you are there, only to return at 3 am.

The local birth workers are amazing. We communicate and share(with patient consent of course) a new mom's or baby's progress or challenges. We strategize best care options for the dyad. We refer them to another trusted colleague to also collaborate with care.

Many times moms are greatly surprised that we all know each other, That surprise quickly turns to relief and a feeling of belonging...a true community. It is a if a burden is taken off of them and they can focus on what it truly important.

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