Kids And Chiropractic

As the twig bends, so the tree grows...


Cherry Blossoms

 Children develop much the same way.  Imbalances don't just don't  go away.  Imbalances can lead to biomechanics, poor balance and overall improper use and increased  risk of injury.

 Dr.  Eileen recommends that chiropractic be a part of every child's health care plan.

 Pediatric chiropractic care  is always gentle and geared towards the needs of your child. Dr. Eileen modifies her adjusting procedures to fit a child’s size, weight and stage of spinal  development. 

Chiropractic care for the child is much different than that for  the adult. 


The pressure that is applied is equal to that of a dime lying on you.  


Dr.  Eileen, is the only International Chiropractic Association board certified pediatric chiropractor , not only in Hamden, but the entire New Haven county.and one of less than 12 in the state.


She has extensive experience caring for neurotypical and special needs children.

Dr. Denny is mom to 4 children that have been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments since birth. 

She understands both professionally and personally a parent's desire to have  both happy and healthy children.

Dr.  Eileen is a member of  the International Chiropractic Association Pediatric council  and has been published in the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics.          

Dr.  Eileen will work with your  child's other healthcare providers to ensure that your child does get the maximum benefits possible