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Kids And Chiropractic

As the twig bends, so the tree grows...


Cherry Blossoms

 Chiropractic care makes its most powerful impact on children.  A healthy spine is essential for all the functions of the body. 

Subluxations (imbalances) to the spine don't just go away.  They can lead to poor balance, poor sleep, mood changes, enuresis, migraines, poor concentration,  increased risk for injuries, poor athletic performance, and so much poor..

Many conditions seen in adults, results from issues that were not addressed during childhood.  Insuring a healthy spine during childhood helps pave the way for a healthier adulthood.



Safety is always our first consideration.  Chiropractic care for a child is safe gentle,  specific and effective. 


No greater pressure than you would use to hold a tomato...for infants it is the weight of a dime. 



Dr.  Eileen, is the only International Chiropractic Association board certified pediatric chiropractor , not only in Hamden, but the entire New Haven county and one of 12 in the state.


Dr. Eileen is the recommended chiropractor for many local and not so local pediatric providers.  She collaborates with them to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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