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        A hands on approach to your health


    What is a requirement to receive Chiropractic Care?

              A desire to live a more vibrant, active, engaged life.

Pain is NOT a requirement !!!!!

Pain is often last to appear and the first to disappear.

Altered function and decreased performance have often been occurring long before the pain presents itself. 

Chiropractic can get to the root cause of your problem thus decreasing pain, improving your function and performance allowing you to live life to the fullest. 

X-Ray Results

Chiropractors detect subluxations and joint dysfunction.

Subluxations and joint dysfunction may result

        in any and all of the following: 

  • altered motion

  • altered sensation (pain, tingling, burning)

  • altered muscle tone (spasm, rigidity)

  • inflammation

  • altered physiology (scar tissue, degeneration)

If you have never experienced the healing benefits of chiropractic care

                     contact us for a complimentary consultation

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