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No matter if this is your first or fifth, pregnancy is an exciting and eventful time of life for you and your entire family. 

Pre-natal chiropractic care at Denny Chiropractic and Acupuncture can help you enjoy the wonders of pregnancy and childbirth. Getting adjusted regularly while pregnant can help ease or eliminate low back pain, neck pain, hip pain and pubic symphyisis pain while making the process of having a baby much easier. Dr. Denny that takes into account the entire person; mind body and spirit. Chiropractic care honors the patient as a whole, while being both safe and natural.

If you are like most women, you have a lot of questions and concerns about the safety of any health care procedure/treatment that you many receive care during pregnancy. Chiropractic is not only safe but it is highly beneficial to both mom and baby.

Women who receive chiropractic care report easier and faster deliveries Also, reports and personal clinical experience indicate that the need for medical intervention during labor greatly decreases in women who have pre-natal chiropractic care. Dr. Denny is also trained in the Webster Technique.

Chiropractic care can also help after childbirth. In the eight weeks following labor and delivery, the ligaments that loosened during pregnancy begin to tighten up again. Ideally, joint problems brought on during pregnancy from improper lifting or reaching
should be treated before the ligaments return to their pre-pregnancy state-to prevent muscle tension, headaches, rib discomfort, and shoulder problems.

Dr. Eileen is the only ICA board-certified pregnancy / pediatric chiropractic not only in Hamden but New Haven county.

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